Black Business Institute (BBi)

BBi is the first Black Business Institute the UK, focused on promoting a fairer society by boosting BME entrepreneurialism.


BBi Core Beliefs 

We believe a thriving business culture producing dynamic entrepreneurs, is central to a buoyant and successful community, regardless of race, religion or creed. By promoting and applying progressive and inclusive economics, we aim to achieve social mobility, leading to leveling of society and ultimately, greater harmony.

BBi For Creators leverages the Club Debut Ecosystem. BBi’s collaboration with Club Debut creates a unique opportunity for  independent fashion designers and creative professionals to access all the tools they need in one ecosystem – unlocking exponential value; from design to retail.

Why BBi Exists

For historical reasons, black and other ethnic communities face unique challenges, requiring a focused strategic response, giving BBi purpose. BBi encourages a strident commerce culture, making available business advisory, networking , funding , and signposting to achieve sustainable success for businesses founded by people of color.

BBi Mission

At the core of every successful community is a thriving business culture, generating the wealth that contributes to education, employment and other important societal needs, whilst inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs to find new and more efficient solutions to traditional obstacles.

To accelerate growth BBi will attract funds from companies, corporate institutions, taking a venture capital approach to boost business growth with a focus on profitable exit within 3-5 years.

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BBi Purpose

BBi  has identified five key targets

Allocate donations from companies, institutions and other sources to support highlighted strategies

First point of reference for new and existing BME businesses seeking support

Conduit between the business community and significant external organisation

Removal of financial barriers to entry for SME’s

Boost educational prospects for BME

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Across every business sector there is a realisation that providing a good service or product is not enough.

Consumers making non-essential or luxury purchases are being strongly influenced by the brands social impact status. There is increasing evidence that consumers are considering this factor, before deciding whether or not to patronize hirtherto to their favorite or new brand.

The spotlight especially relates to Diversity, Ethics & Inclusion, challenging systemic and structural racism to help build a fairer society. 

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BBi For Creators 
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